15 August 2013

Leopard print

Here we go! Pics by Markus Lehto. You can check out the whole set on his website here.

(c) Markus Lehto 2013

(c) Markus Lehto 2013

(c) Markus Lehto 2013

(c) Markus Lehto 2013
Notice my new glasses? I love them. :) Also, I must say, all my clothes are drifted - so it does not mean lots of expenses to style yourself for photoshoots. The socks I ripped just before the shoot when I realised they were broken and that din't look too good. So I decided to give them some ripping action to break them so much they wouldn't look broken anymore.

Sooo, whacha think? :3

Ps. I had an outfit - and location - change during the shoot and that part is coming up asap!

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