2 July 2013

Hey, I think I might be back

Very promising title on this one, right? :D I think now that I got my life somewhat sorted out I'm in need of a hobby. A serious leisure you might call it (or as Robert A. Stebbins might). Soooo, I thought why not revive this blog as well. This works as a some sort of portfolio. I might update my other portfolios as well. I'm not even sure if my ModelMayhem account is in function any more. 

Anyway. Earlier this Spring I did an impromptu photoshoot with Nadi Hammouda. It actually felt more like I just went to hang out with an old friend than a photoshoot. I'm not sure which I missed more, him or modelling. :D Although we did some serious shooting. It was interesting to see what would come out of it. Nadi was awesome as usual. He told me I looked different. I mean, not in the sense you would notice from outside just looking at me, but rather something he saw thrugh the lense. And I was totally feeling it. I'm in sooooo different point in life right now - it must show in the pictures! Also, I wasn't posing as much - after all, I was just hanging out with a friend!

(c) Nadi Hammouda 2013

(c) Nadi Hammouda 2013

(c) Nadi Hammouda 2013
Okay, I am willing to do photoshoots again. I'm not promising anyhting though. Maybe it doesnt's work, maybe I cannot do it anymore (doubt it though). Maybe I cannot find photographers to work with me. At least, don't expect to see as many updates as there were before. There's no way I'm able to do as many photshoots as I was before.

And hey, is there anyone following me anymore?! :D


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