23 January 2011

Blogs I follow

I added here a list of blogs I follow. You can find it at the bottom of the right side bar. If you know of any interesting blogs let me know! I'd loooove to read other model's blogs and why not photographers' as well. I'm not that into fashion blogs, however there are a couple on my list also. I only recently found them, but they have some pretty cool material and might work as a source of inspiration!

The list will probably change over time. This was something I managed to put together right now. If I'm forgettin someone's blog, please let me know! :)

Here a couple of pics from last winter totally unrelated to this post whatsoever.

(c) Marko Saari 2010
(c) Marko Saari 2010
Featuring my friend who was our guide in the forest. (c) Marko Saari 2010

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