21 November 2010

Photoshoots, where are you?!

I wanna do more shoots! Now! With my new hair n all, I feel like I want to do my portfolio all over again from a scratch. But where are all the photographers now when I need 'em?!

(Okay, okay, I'm pretty busy here myself as well, this time of year I guess everyone is?!)

 I would looove to have a new beauty shot.. Here's one hanging on my wall (okay, I really don't have my own pic on the wall, but I just turned the page of the calendar for the purpose of getting a pic here.. and then it immediately fell down from my wall. O.o "Stop being so vain, take off this stupid pic of yourself" my wall was saying.).. I think this is one of the beauty shots I love the most. One of the best taken of me. Although, now it feels this girl here is someone totally different from me. Someone pretty lying on the bed.. wow, amazing. Now can I be in it next?!:D

A calendar by Sami Saarenpää. The November girl.

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  1. If your calendar fell off the wall, then the wall is too harsh a critic!!! It's a beautiful shot, but I think most of your pictures are gorgeous anyway!
    I hope to see some of the new pictures soon!
    Take care,


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